"Catherine is an unexpected combination of compelling talent and stunning beauty that you do not mind your daughters looking up to!" ... T.Mischke, Topaz Management.

    "With Catherine's silky, powerful voice and musicians with the uncanny ability to rock a groove, she and Strawberry Roan are really one of the best bands in the Northwest.."... Columbia River Reader

"               "Wow, beautitul! Little body, BIG voice!"... Cary

         Cambell, sax player for the band, WAR. 

              "Catherine Loyer has power and control to spare. Her           band is top notch. It's easy to see an international                     audience in her future."... Positively Entertainment                   Magazine.   


      Catherine's earliest memory in music goes back to standing in the doorway of the kitchen pantry, singing her heart out to an imaginary crowd when she was just four years old. Soon after it was violin lessons, choir, piano, guitar, contests and concerts. She was hooked from the get go and never stopped moving towards music. 

      Catherine has a high energy show and plays rockin' and heartfelt country- both original and everyone's favorites, from modern to classic. 

      From clubs, fairs, festivals and corporate events, to session work, and radio jingles, Catherine Loyer has had a rich career in music. She is known for her electric presence and a voice that has both power and control.
Catherine has put together a dynamic band of high caliber players. Together they bring an exciting show with a tight groove, and powerful vocals.
      Her performance includes artistic originals, as well as everyone’s favorites. Country, with Pop, Rock, and even Blues.

      By adding their own personal slant, She and each player create a distinctive sound that is all their own. All Strawberry Roan.
      With a busy show schedule, Catherine and Strawberry Roan plays on, creating fans and memories wherever they go.

        Contact for Bookings; 503- 679- 0893 








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